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Hansen Sports Complex



Hansen Sports Complex Adopted Rules:

  1. Events scheduled by the, Association will have first call on use of the Complex.  Reservations for use of this Complex must be arranged with the Association president.  A schedule will be posted at the Township Hall and the concession stand and kept up to date by the Association.
  2. Maintenance of the Complex for major developments or improvement will be mutually agreed upon by the Association and Benton Township Trustees.  The Township will accept the duty of mowing, weed control and care of the area on a regular basis.
  3. The Association will have the right to accept donations for use of the Complex, which will be used for major improvements, development and yearly maintenance of the Complex.
  4. The liability of the Township will apply to this Complex but the Association will be required to cover each individual participating in Association activities.  A copy of the Association's coverage must be filed with the Township Clerk before the playing season or at the start of each year.
  5. Scheduled use of this area will be open to all persons in the Benton Township area or any others permitted by the Township, as scheduled by the Association, with no discrimination regarding race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry or sex allowed.
  6. The rules for the use of the Complex will be recommended each year by the Association and must be submitted to the Township Trustees for approval.
  7. The misuse or damage of this Complex is subject to prosecution by the Township Trustees.  Park rules dealing with behavior on Benton Township property must be obeyed.
  8. The service drive going to the concession stand will be used only to service the concession stand and diamonds.  No other vehicles will be permitted to drive or park in that area.
  9. The Association will staff, maintain, supply and operate the concession stand for all events scheduled at the Complex.
  10. Parking is limited to the parking lot only, no parking on any grass area.
  11. No one under the age of 16 will be permitted to drive any type of motor vehicle
    within the Complex for the purpose of maintaining the Complex.
  12. No Alcohol permitted within the Complex area.

Use of the Hansen Sports Complex Shelter House:

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