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Elliston and Limestone Cemeteries

Elliston Cemetery Limestone Cemetery
Elliston Cemetery is located at:
17505 W. Toussaint N. Road
Graytown, Ohio 43432
Limestone Cemetery is located at:
14751 W. Toussaint N. Road
Graytown, Ohio 43432 

2023 Elliston and Limestone Foundation and Fees Information



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FOUNDATION FEE FOR MONUMENT:   $5.00 per lineal inch

Effective rates as of January 1, 2022 and rate are subject to change without notice January 1st of each year.  

A Benton Township Foundation Policy Order Form must be completed for all foundation orders.           
Full payment, (effective rate when poured), must accompany the completed Foundation Order Form.

Orders must be received in the Office of the Fiscal Officer before May 1 and October 1 for completion each spring and fall, respectively.  Foundations are usually finished within three weeks, weather permitting.

The Township Trustees and/or employees are NOT authorized to determine the location of a foundation or the placement of names on a memorial stone.  Pre-need monument orders should make burial assignments in the Cemetery Records, in advance, with the Benton Township Fiscal Officer.

Minimum & Maximum Monument Foundation Sizes:

Foundations must be a minimum of six inches (6”) longer than the base or longest point of the monument.

Minimum Foundation Length is Thirty (30”) Lineal Inches:  $150.00

Maximum Foundation Length of a Single Grave is Forty (40”) Lineal Inches:  $200.00

The maximum longest point of a monument stone for a Single Grave may NOT exceed thirty-four (34”) inches, without prior written authorization from adjoining grave owners.

Solid Pour of Six (6) Graves:   $1,200.00

(continuous 240” foundation across the head of six graves)

Veteran Plaque Foundations:

Veteran plaques, received through Veterans Affairs, are installed on a 30” foundation.  Although these are installed at the cost of the Township, a completed Foundation Policy Order Form is required.

Removal and Replacement of Old Foundations:

Old foundations are removed and replaced only upon request of the lot owner.  The removal fee is $100.00 per hour, (time to include the transferring of necessary machinery and disposal of the concrete), with a minimum removal fee of one hundred dollars, plus the current effective rate per inch of replacement foundation.

The minimum one hundred ($100.00) dollar fee must be paid, plus the effective per inch replacement rate, with the submission of the Foundation Policy Order Form.  Any additional cost will be calculated and billed upon completion.  No foundations are replaced at the cost of the Township.

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