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Elliston and Limestone Cemeteries

Elliston Cemetery Limestone Cemetery
Elliston Cemetery is located at:
17505 W. Toussaint N. Road
Graytown, Ohio 43432
Limestone Cemetery is located at:
14751 W. Toussaint N. Road
Graytown, Ohio 43432 

2024 Cemetery Fees/Policies and Forms:



NOTE: In order to view the forms, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can obtain information or download the reader from:
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The current Cemetery Deed Application, Burial Policy Form, Foundation Policy Order Form; initially adopted in 1999, continue to be in effect and the following Cemetery Fees and Rules become effective beginning January 1, 2024 and  are subject to change the first of each calendar year for Elliston Cemetery and Limestone Cemetery:


  *Resident Non-Resident
Single – 1 Grave  $100.00    $1800.00 
Half Lot – 6 Graves $600.00 $10800.00 
Full Lot – 12 Graves  $1200.00    $21600.00 

A Cemetery Deed Application must be completed when purchasing any cemetery interment rights. Full payment is required prior to delivery of deed.  A burial lot may be held for future purchase for the maximum period of one (1) calendar year, and is subject to subsequent lot fee rate increases. Each person resident or non-resident is allowed only 12 graves to purchase.


Grave Opening/Closing *Resident Non-Resident
Standard Burial       $500.00    $2000.00 
Child Burial (Age 2-10)  $125.00 $1500.00 
Infant Burial (Under 24 Months) $75.00    $1300.00 
Premium Fee Standard/Child/Infant Burials


#Additional Billed Overtime Fee      $100.00 per hr  $700.00 per hr
*Cremation Burial (above in stone or below ground)   $100.00  $700.00 
Limb Burial  $100.00  $700.00 
Premium Fee Cremation/Limb Burials
$250.00  $1400.00 
(Plus Standard Burial Open/Close Fee)  
$500.00  $1500.00 
Cremation Disinterment
(Plus Cremation Burial Open/Close Fee)   
$250.00  $1000.00 

*2nd Day Burial Event - In the event of a second day burial involving cremation, the first day will be 1/2 cost of the normal cremation and the second day will be full cost.

*Township Resident

A Benton Township Resident is a person who has lived in the State of Ohio for at least one (1) year, and in Benton Township for a minimum of forty (40) days; or a person who owns taxable real estate in Benton Township, on which they pay taxes.  When a resident must leave Benton Township to reside in a medical care facility, and no longer own taxable real estate, they may still be considered at resident rates, if approved by a majority of the Benton Township Trustees.  All others are considered non-residents.

Additional Billed Overtime Fee

The Additional Billed Overtime Fee will be charged to the funeral home conducting services when the Township employees are required to work overtime for opening and/or closing of the ordered grave, at the hourly rate of $100.00 for a resident burial and $700.00 for a non-resident burial for the calculated amount of time to complete the internment process properly

If Saturday and holidays services (except holidays listed above) exceed the 1:00 p.m. deadline, an additional fee of $400.00 per hour will be charged to the associated funeral home.

Examples of conditions that may result in an Additional Billed Overtime Fee to be assessed to the funeral home conducting services after the burial are as follows:

-Burial on the day following a weekend or legal holiday when overtime work for opening is necessary.

-Late notice of burial that requires Township employees to work overtime to locate gravesite and/or open grave.  (See Notification Requirements)

-Late afternoon arrival of funeral procession, and/or funeral guests not leaving the burial site in a timely manner, to allow interment closing process to be concluded prior to the normal end of the workday which is 3:30.  (See Interment Process)

-Incomplete and/or a change in burial location information.  An ordered change in location of any burial after the grave has been opened will result in a double open/close fee.

-Any unforeseen circumstances that cause Township employees to work overtime regarding a burial that the Trustees deem it necessary to bill the funeral home conducting services for Additional Billed Overtime Fees.

Additional Billed Overtime Fees will only be billed to the funeral home when overtime is actually worked by employees.  The additional overtime fees will not be charged when the burial has already been assessed the established weekend and/or holiday premium rate.

No Sunday Burials and the following holidays: New Years Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day - effective 1/01/2022.

It is the sole responsibility of the funeral home conducting the services to pay the Additional Billed Overtime Fee to the Township.  It will be the funeral director's obligation to make families aware of these possible fees and to collect said billed fee from the family concerned.

Interment Process

The interment process includes: the time to properly cleanup the graveside area, return tools and equipment to storage buildings, perform accurate and required recording of said burial in Township Cemetery Record Journals, the proper submission of the Burial Policy Form, Burial Permit and payment fee with the Township Fiscal Officer and return to the Township's Maintenance Shop.

Notification Requirements

All burials require a minimum twenty-four (24) hour Personal Telephone Contact (See Personal Telephone Contact) notification that includes Required Information (See Required Information).  Any burial requested without the minimum 24-hour notice will be considered a Late Notice contact and may be required to pay an Additional Billed Overtime Fee. 

Payment Requirements

All regular cemetery fees must be paid by the time of burial.  No future burials or foundations will be permitted on a family burial lot with an outstanding amount due to the Township for a prior burial or foundation fee.  Any funeral home and/or monument company with an outstanding unpaid fee will not be permitted to provide services in Benton Township cemeteries until the account is paid in full. 

Maximum Cremation Burials per Grave

The maximum number of cremation burials per single grave is limited to four (4), if possible depending on the size of the cremation containers.  This policy was established in 2004. Families must pre-plan a four person arrangement, in advance of the first burial with the Township Trustees. Grave lots that have existing cremation burials will only be filled as configuration of remaining space allows. Relocation of any existing cremation container would require the payment of the cremation disinterment fee plus the current cremation burial fee. Monument placement will only be available in the single 34" marker space. No markers of any kind will be allowed in the grass area.

 "Wilbert Way" Vault Display

The "Wilbert Way" of vault lid display will not be permitted in Benton Township cemeteries.

Personal Telephone Contact

Personal Telephone Contact must be made to a Benton Township Employee or Official at 419-862-3774.  Messages left on an answering machine or sent by fax or e-mail are not considered a Personal Telephone Contact.  Messages on answering machine and/or left with family members when calling an employee or officials’ home is also not considered a Personal Telephone Contact.

Required Information

The Personal Telephone Contact must include the following Required Information: Name of Deceased; Section, Square, Lot, and Grave Numbers of Burial; Date, Time, and Location of the Funeral Service; and the name and telephone number of the Funeral Director.  A completed and signed Benton Township Burial Policy Form must be received, along with regular payment, by the time of the burial.

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