The Great Seal of the State of Ohio

P.O. Box 7
1670 Walker Street
Graytown, OH 43432
(419) 862-3774

Our Mission Statement

As the governing body of Benton Township it is the mission of the Benton Township Board of Trustees to provide for the public safety and welfare of its citizens and visitors by providing, by contracts, fire and emergency medical services, overseeing the quality of maintenance of Benton Township roads, the upkeep of grounds and shelter houses in the Graytown Park and Sports Complex, to provide for accurate record-keeping and attentive care in performing burials in Elliston and Limestone Cemeteries, and proper administration of the Benton Township Zoning Regulations to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Benton Township, Ottawa County, Ohio.

~~The Township maintains records that are used in its administration and operation.~~

~~ These records are available for inspection and copies are available upon request.~~